Dear all,

As the club committee, we want to keep you informed as much as possible, as to what the future plans and ambitions are for the TACH CC.

We are very all privileged as players, to be able to play at such a fantastic ground as Tanworth, whether that be as a junior or senior member.

As a Club, the feedback we have from all sources, existing players, retired players and junior parents is to continue to ensure Tanworth remains one of the best grounds not only in the Cotswold Hills League but also in the local area.

With this goal in mind the Club are to invest around £4,000 in laser levelling the square, giving it a deep scarifying, overseeding & fertilising to improve the playing surface. This investment is long term and should mean the surface plays well for many years to come. If you add in  the new covers purchased last year this is a massive commitment from the club to ensure the playing surface can be as good as anywhere.

In addition to this we have agreed to purchase a rain cover/sheet for the Junior wicket to help reduce the possibility of junior games being called off. We use the main covers in the week but as we rent the ground on a Sunday one set of covers is occasionally not enough.

The Cricket Club over the years has been very lucky to have volunteer ground staff, which has meant Tanworth has been a fantastic ground to play cricket, but over time the hours that they can commit has reduced.

If the club and its members really want to make sure the Club is going to be the best in Cotswold Hills League we are going need some help from the membership,  basic tasks such as rolling the wicket, or strimming the outfield need to be done.

It is estimated that if each playing member were to commit 2 hours just once in the season the playing facility could improve massively. Any help from Junior parents in this regard would also be a massive help.

As a club we rely on volunteers, but that pool is getting smaller, we have sounded out the idea of setting up a rota on a Thursday when the Ground staff prepare the wicket. Most people said they were prepared to commit to it especially if we really want to play at the best ground in the Cotswolds League.

The Committee are also committed to improving the inside of the clubhouse.

The Pavilion could be great, but it needs money to be spent on it, as a volunteer club we need volunteers to help us fund raise by either attending event such as the Annual Dinner, or coming up with and organising a fund-raising event.

We have set aside a further £4000 to improve the pavilion, we have already agreed for the carpet in the clubhouse, entrance hall, ladies toilets and corridor down towards the showers to be replaced. Olly Hill is cutting back the conifers which due to the stuff they shed has caused damp in the roof boards. Once this is done we should be able to replace the roof panelling (quote awaited). We are also hopeful of replacing the kitchen over the next 6-9 months.

Additionally at  Rumbush Lane we have a club house and changing facilities which are probably the best in the area, the drainage is now outstanding. We are also spending money on the square in the winter to improve its performance. Future plans is still to hire it out but as the juniors come through we will use it for our own cricket games

It also needs volunteers to roll the wicket and do other jobs during the cricket season the football club look at it in the winter

As a Club we can achieve great things if we all are prepared to do a little bit, the Annual Subscriptions ( some still outstanding) will not cover the improvements that everybody wants to see at the club therefore as a membership it is up to all of us to help where we can.

If you have any ideas or would like to become more involved with fund raising please contact myself, Andy Turnbull or Andy Brazier

Moving forward we have the annual dinner coming up on Friday 8th September at Rumbush Lane please confirm numbers ASAP, we have a Magician performing this year as well as providing some music after the dinner. Tickets are priced at £25pp. email me or text 07899 873564 or speak to Ali Prosser 07769 880888. It would be great if we had a group from the Junior parents this year.

Finally I received an email complimenting the clubs 1st team from one of the league umpires where he says it has been a real pleasure to be involved in our games as we play in the right spirit and have involved our juniors and that we treat all of our players equally. Well done to James and the other players who have represented us.


Pete Carey



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